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How it works

How ApiChecker service working

How it works?

What is ApiChecker?! And how it actually works

Create New Monitor


Add monitors for your website or API service on ApiChecker!

Prepare list of API methods and required parameters (like headers, query parameters, authorization methods) or/and WebSite URL that you want to monitor - usually it should be main API service and your public WebSite, blog, landing page.


We will monitor your services availability around the world

Our service will invoke health check calls on your services from different locations around the world

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Connected the world
Service Outage


On any outages on your services - we will keep you notified

ApiChecker will confirm outage from different locations and will notify you and your team in case of any outages


We also doing automatic SSL monitoring

Just add any service working over HTTPS - we will keep monitoring your certificates as well. And will notify you days before SSL certificate will expire.

SSL monitoring
Public Status Page


Create Public Status Page and build trust with your customers

Create public page and let your customers to see any outages on your services. But you select what information to show on Public Status Page.

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