ApiChecker GraphAPI - is a way for you to automate your interaction with our ecosystem.

Apr 22, 2019

Blog Post

ApiChecker now have open Graph API - so we open for any custom integrations with your workflow or 3rd party applications.

Our GraphAPI is build on top of GraphQL together with Apollo GraphQL

Graph API hosted on this URL: https://api.apichecker.com/graph/. Before start using our Graph API - take a look on Get Started section on our documentation

On this url you also can find PlayGround editor: Playground Editor for ApiChecker

So you can use any of 3rd party clients to explore ApiChecker API:

  • Insomnia - MacOs, Windows, Linux
  • graphql-request - js
  • Altair GraphQL - Mac, Windows, Linux, Web, Chrome, Firefox
  • any library for GraphQL communications for any language, such as: Swift, NodeJS, JS, Python, C#, etc

As example, this is screenshot from Insomnia client when using ApiChecker API: Insomnia Example Request

As you can see - it will also have awesome autocomplete and suggestions feature. We have limited set of API features currently, but we will add new features in some time.

Currently supported below features:

  • Get list of applications (apps query)
    • As well as application monitors
    • Users that have access to this Application
  • Get List of Monitors - without application grouping (montors query), as well as:
    • Full information about monitors (Monitor url, name, type of requests, etc)
    • Information about last check
    • Uptime metrics for last:
      • 24 hours
      • 7 days
      • 30 days
      • 90 days
    • Current status of monitor
    • SSL certificate information
    • All historical uptime changes.
    • and much much more you can find on GraphQL query
  • Get list of HealthChecks for selected monitor (checkLogs query)
  • [Action] Pause or resume monitoring for Monitor
  • [Action] Pause or resume monitoring for whole Application (including all Monitors)

You also can explore API schema with any GraphQL editor, as for example you can use Playground that available on this URL: https://api.apichecker.com/graph/. Schema example:

Schema Example for ApiChecker

As GraphAPI build on top of HTTP, so in case if you want to use raw HTTP requests - you still able to do it. Just pass QUERY body inside POST request and you will able to get same response 👍

So it should help you and your team build great experience with ApiChecker API!

Get started now and please let us know if we can help you!

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