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Uptime monitoring alternatives

Looking for an Uptime Monitoring alternative with features like Status Pages and SSL monitoring?

UptimeRobot Alternative

Users that move from UptimeRobot to ApiChecker when looking for access to all health check results (response body, timings, etc) - and not only for failed checks we even provide this info for successful checks

And with protection for false positive alerts, and access to uptime and performance history for up to 1 year without additional cost.

Pingdom alternative

Users that moved from Pingdom to ApiChecker like the simple interface, as well as great dashboards and full access to all health check results - response body, timings and even for successful checks.

As well as different notifications options without additional costs (like WebHook) and even with much lower price.

Looking for alternatives?

Meet ApiChecker

We are so excited and proud of our product. It's really easy to get into website or API monitoring with ApiChecker

Uptime and performance monitoring

Reliable uptime and performance monitoring for your API or Website

Public Status Page

Branded status page for your website or API

HTTPS for every Status Pages

All status pages is served in custom subdomain with HTTPS certificate by default

SSL certificate monitoring

SSL certificate monitoring is coming by default - just make sure that your monitoring URL starts with HTTPS


Group your monitors into "Applications" - and get insights about whole Application arability and other metrics

Different alert options

Have own server to handle alerts? Slack or SMS notifications not fit your requirements - we have WebHook alerts without additional cost :)